Waroengs come in various shapes, sizes and forms. A waroeng mostly is a cart or a carriage on wheels, not necessarily to drive it around.  A waroeng can also be the living room of a house in a suburb, to have a side income by selling things. It can also be a seperate stall.

waroeng rokok waroeng

Do not confuse it with salesmen or toekang, which only sells 1 kind of product, often also with a cart. Like for example the toekang martabak who has a cart on which he can cook his martabak. Those carts are called kaki lima. A waroeng can be recognised by its broad variety of products.
Then there are the salesman which take their merchandise from door to door.

What kinds of waroengs are there?

-waroeng makan.These resemble small restaurants. Cheap meals for the common man.
-waroeng rokok, for cigarettes. These are often in a cat or stall and have an abundance of other merchandise, like soda, bread, candy, snacks, aspirine, soap, etcera.
-waroeng tegal, (warteg) for simpel and cheap warm meals. Less luxurious and smaller menu than the waroeng makan. Often uses wide banners.
-waroeng kopi, for drinks and small snacks.
-waroeng telpon, (wartel) for making phonecalls. It is like a private owned public phones .
-waroeng internet, (warnet) internetcafe.

waroeng telpon waroeng makan

The blend of shops and carts makes the streets look busy and crowded . Add some toekangs and some vendors and we have a picture of a typical, vibrant indonesian street.

do not disturb so tired relax

Which can also be very tiring.......

To give you an idea of the products an can be purchased in a waroeng rokok:
Snacks like peanuts and cookies, softdrinks, crackers, candy, cigarettes, coffeepowder, soap, shampoo, toothbrushes,  toothpaste, tissues, instant noodles, gasoline, sugar, baking oil, rice. A lot of products are packed in small bags for one time use. Shampoo for example can be bought in a small plastic bag, enough for one wash only.

sachets packed small pasar malam

More examples of waroengs.

warung makan toko

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